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21 December 2014 @ 05:29 pm
Talking meme~  
What is your favourite comfort thing to relax after a tough day?

Definitely my bed or couch, snuggled under the cover/duvet, with my "hug pillow" (I have 2 pillows in my bed, one to put my head on, and a smaller one, very soft (too soft for it to be comfortable to sleep on I think) that I wrap my arm around, since I sleep on my side)
I also like me a good bath with some nice music when I have access to a bathtub...

edit: DAMN, I read comfort PLACE xD, well answer is pretty much the same, snuggling, preferably while watching a good movie or show, or maybe playing some game or eating something good... Or seeing a friend but like, without having to actually DO something, like, just chilling together or doing one of the things mentionned above together (except the bath I guess, can get weird pretty fast xD).

As for news, nothing much to say since yesterday, I slept better, probably because today there's nothing I can do, except measuring my furniture (mostly table and couch) which will be useful for apartments visits.
I'm slowly wraping my head around both the fact that I was hired and that IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE NEXT WEDNESDAY, WHERE DID TIME GO? I'm going back to my parents' on Tuesday so I should start packing my luggage =x
Can't wait to see how my father reacts to his present, I bought it last June on Showtime's shop (it was a Father's Day special, but since I didn't give my mom anything on Mother's Day, I saved it for Christmas) because I found it too funny not to buy, since he is a fan of the show (Shameless US) too (I'll throw some chocolates in there too because let's face it he won't wear it very often xD).
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Azzie's corner of madness: Melodyflowsoffire on December 22nd, 2014 07:16 am (UTC)
Snuggling ftw! Best thing for comfort. :D

Haha, love your father's present! ;P