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16 December 2014 @ 12:14 am
Is there a personality (artist, historical, anything…) that you particularly look up to or find inspiring?

...Not really? I mean, there are people I like and love their work, but I don't really have one that I look up to and consider my role model...
Hehe, my answer sucks xD

As for news, I finally managed to make it further than before in Binding of Isaac, I only managed to get to the first big boss (the one I had just defeated when I made my last post about the game) again after another 60 tries, and arrived about halfway through the first of the two new levels I unlocked, and I was a bit sad I got killed because I had an item that could oneshot the final boss ç_ç I keep unlocking new items and learning the new bosses' patterns (the Horsemen of the Apocalypse are among them, and OH WOW I hate Famine so much xD weirdly he's the first one you can get, then come Pestilence and War, but I didn't find them as hard? maybe because I had better items later on, idk. I have yet to face Death or Conquest, they look tough xD)

Also, today, I cooked! I made a ratatouille with polenta, and it turned out very good! Although I have to remember that "2 persons" on the polenta box means "at least 5 servings". I have 4 servings of ratatouille and 5 of polenta, so I ate one and kept one for tomorrow, and I froze the rest. I'm not gonna lack food this winter xD

Speaking about food, I started looking up verrines recipes for Christmas (I celebrate it with my (large) family, and we're responsible for the verrines with my parents (we're also in charge of the alcohol, but that's easier xD)), and some sound very good, that's hard to choose xD
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12 December 2014 @ 12:09 am
I warned I wouldn't post regularly... xD

What is your favourite personality trait in yourself? And in others?

Let me just tell you, Azzie, with all the affection you know I have for you, that this question sucks (the first part at least) xD asking me what I don't like about myself would have been so much easier... Though I know you want to make me see positive things, so it's still nice of you =p

I....... guess I try to be honest, at least most of the time (can't say I'm perfect or don't try to hide it when someone is getting on my nerves a bit if I know it's not a big deal), and I'm pretty tactful (see last parenthesis xD). I also love my friends and want them to be okay, maybe sometimes when I'm not okay I don't listen as much as I'd like, but I try to.

Also I love cats, which is a quality, no discussion.

In others, well, besides the obvious, I prefer people to try solve the problems early instead of letting the drama build up (well of course only for big stuff, not every little thing, that would be exhausting xD). I also like reasonable people, and well, it's not necessary but I like people who like hugs because I'm a bit touchy-feely xD. I also kinda need to always be reassured so I like people who express their feelings, and I try to do the same or to show it.

Meh, I guess I kinda covered it? I feel like it's a bit dumb xD and it's not like appreciating someone was completely rational.

On a totally unrelated note, the raclette Subway is SO GOOD. I needed to say it.
08 December 2014 @ 10:10 pm
1st question by flowsoffire

What is your favourite animal?

I think it's not too hard to guess from my posts, but I'm a big cat lover, I especially melt as soon as I see a kitten.

I mean


come on

I also really like owls, be it the very classy ones, like those that are all white (like Hedwig... or the one in the Nina L'eau ad), or the little cute ones, especially when they are being petted. Look at the cute.

On an unrelated note, I managed to cut down the computer a bit, and this afternoon I drew from 2pm to 5:30pm xD feels good, but my eyes were aching by the end, little details hurt xD
05 December 2014 @ 03:15 pm
Woooh, I finished the first part of the game o/
Only took me nearly 13h and 102 tries xD and I think I managed to do it because I unlocked a new character that has more base health and a health regen item, her only downside is that she's slower. I was super afraid I'd die at the final boss, but I didn't, it was pretty close though.

Now I have to start it over and go further, because I unlocked a fourth chapter (two new levels) and a new final boss. If I do that 9 times and I'm lucky enough to get and a special room to spawn or if I do it 12 times (playthrough 10 and further ending with a new boss), I'll unlock two new chapters (Sheol and the Cathedral) that are different routes (you don't do both in a playthrough) and therefore two new last bosses, and if I do one of the two routes (the Cathedral route) 6 times I'll unlock the final chapter and get the true last boss. Damn, I'm so far from done xD if I want to finish all chapters it'll mean doing the game 20 times, and it gets longer and harder (like my d... sorry), up until now there were 3 chapters = 6 levels, now there are 4 chapters = 8 levels, then there will be 6 chapters available but only 5 you can do in a row, and to finish I'll have 7 chapters available and 5 chapters = 9 levels (for the Sheol route) or 6 chapters = 10 levels (for the Chest route (after the Cathedral)) playthroughs... Without saving of course... And there are new items and new characters and omg this is so addictive xD

I don't know if I'm even able to ever 100% the game, but if I do it'll take several thousands tries and like 200h? Well that would make my 36h on Portal 2 look ridiculous xD
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02 December 2014 @ 01:17 am
Bought The Binding of Isaac on Steam because it was 90% off (and since I'm a dumbass, I bought Wrath of the Lamb separately instead of the pack, so I could have saved 12 more cts), and it's SO GOOD. I die all the time, yes, but I can see I'm getting better (I'm doing better on most bosses, which is nice, though I still hate this awful spider like arrrgh). Now I get to the Caves in most of my runs, I'm far from the end but I'm happy I go past the Basement/Cellar xD I'm also very good at dying when I get great items, like the one that gives you 99 keys (then again having keys doesn't help making more damage)...

Now I just need not to get totally sucked in the game to the point I forget to do what I'm supposed to =x

(SnK icon because this game is gore and weird and shit)
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07 November 2014 @ 01:54 am
I've planned to make a post later today where I'll talk about movies I've watched recently (Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell (the first one, from 1995), Angel-A, Total Recall) and I'll probably say a few words about Brave New World that I finished reading something like last week.
I guess it's about time I do something, the plus side is that since then I also watched Alien, The girl who Leapt Through Time and Paprika, and I'm also gonna add some videogames and music recs.

Wow what a long postCollapse )
So for those who 1) care about my job hunting and 2) to whom I haven't talked about it (aka Azzie only, I think? Then again three persons read this blog and two are among my closest friends), I'll talk about my interview.

First thing first, the interview was on Tuesday but I had to leave on Monday and sleep at a hotel nearby since it started at 9am. While I was on the train I get a call from the HR who tells me the time has been changed, it starts at 8:20am now. I start majorly freaking out since I already struggled a lot to find a taxi that could get me there at 9am and that was on SATURDAY. As expected it was kind of a mess to find one, but the taxi driver that was supposed to take me there at 9am called her colleagues and managed to find someone. Thank you madam, you can't even know how relieved I was. So I don't know if it was a test of some sort, since the reason they gave us was that it was because of the schedule of one of the persons who would see us, except there were 5 persons, who were there from start to finish, I'm kind of calling bullshit. Anyway if it was a test I guess I passed.

So I arrive at like 8:10am and I meet the others, we were 8 being interviewed (2 guys and 6 girls) that day, and it was an assessment center, which means it wasn't just interviews but tests of all sorts. I started by feeling very underdressed, I just had a nice top and black jeans, but the two guys and three of the girls were wearing suits... Then we started talking and I kind of died inside, I felt they all had much more experience than me, some had done a placement year in a big company, one of the girls was even from Ecole Polytechnique (the highest rated and most prestigious engineering school in France), and another girl was from China and had studied both in Shanghai, Hong-Kong, and Chimie ParisTech (the highest rated engineering chemistry school in France)... So I started kind of stressed.

At it showed, oh it showed. We all sat around a table, with 3 persons from BASF (the HR and the heads of two of the labs) and 2 from a recruitment consulting firm (including a psychologist), and they talked a bit about BASF, the position, and the schedule for the day. Then they asked us to introduce ourselves shortly, I was second to speak, and I literally felt my throat close, I had the words in my head but I'm pretty sure I didn't say half of it, I didn't even manage to know how I sounded because I was hearing my heartbeat more than my voice. Introducing myself and my experience is something I've done so many times and I'm not bad at it at all, but I just got blocked by stress. I hoped I could get past it quick for the rest of the day.
The second exercise was choosing 4 to 6 words from a words cloud and explaining why we found them important (the words were stuff like "Dynamism", "Team Spirit", "Open-mindedness"...), I think I did a tiny bit better than the first time I spoke, but I was still stammering and having a hard time saying what I was thinking.

Then they divided us into 2 teams of 4, and made us solve a puzzle. I love puzzles. Like, really (by puzzle I mean brain-teaser, not the jigsaw-puzzles where you have 250 freaking blue pieces because the picture is a boat on a blue sea with a blue sky and the only way to solve it is trying every piece like a dumbass). We had pieces of different shapes, a color on each face (2 faces per piece), 4 colors in total, and we had a sheet with figures, we had to choose one and make it. We didn't make it in the fixed time, but they told us only 40% of people made it, and while we were solving it all my stress left, I managed to actually do stuff, to put myself forward, to try things and to give my opinion. When I talked about the morning with the psychologist from the consulting firm she told me it was like I became someone else xD

Then we were back to being 8, and we were put in a situation: we were engineers and had to decide how to approach a client about the fact that we wouldn't be able to meet our deadline because the product fit neither the scope statement nor the legislation. I didn't speak a lot, I was still a bit set back, but I felt that what I said was interesting, so that's ok I guess.

After that, we had personality tests (the PAPI test, which gives you a rose-like answer like this one, sadly we didn't get to keep ours, we only talked about the results with the psychologist), a logic test and a stress-management test (probably the least reliable test of this kind because you had to circle numbers from 1 to 5 depending of how much each statement applied to you in a stressful situation, so, you could very easily be dishonest... I tried not to be (it would have been super-obvious anyway), but I kind of doubt the relevancy of that test. We had the results in the afternoon, turns out I did very well on the logic test, 7/10, she told me not many people are over 6, and the personality test (plus her observations) were impressively accurate. There were good things, like organisation, creativity, rigor, involvement (but not much energy to use, so she told me I'd have to be careful not to go into a burnout. I have no idea where she got the energy part, maybe from my behavior, but she's right), and some less good like a lack of self-confidence and a tendency to self-depreciation (no shit), she advised me to work on it, maybe with a psychologist, since it's mainly irrational... She also told me I was not really introverted (which didn't surprise me, I was surprised I wasn't more in the middle in the MBTI test (I got 73% I), I generally talk to people easily, and I like seeing my friends, but I also like staying alone sometimes, so I don't think I'm far on either end of the spectrum), and emotive, which is pretty much right.

So after taking the tests we went for lunch, talked a bit (that funny moment when one of the others has already applied for a position I applied for a year ago, didn't get it either, and neither of us get why they don't hire anyone since it's been a year and they're still searching), and got ready for the individual interviews. What we didn't know though, was that people would be sent home before those even began, based on what happened in the morning. So two people were dismissed right away, and another two a bit later, so we ended up being 4. During the afternoon I learnt there were around 120-150 appliants, so I consider this a good score.

I didn't get the job, as you may have guessed from the title, and as disappointed as I am I knew my stress attack in the morning and the lack of confidence showed by the PAPI test would play against me, the HR told me I didn't win unanimous support when they talked about us afterwards, and they weren't sure I could manage teams fast enough (we would have started having responsabilities even during the hothouse program). I'm still pretty happy about how far I went.

I also got to see flourflower because I slept at their place after the interview since it wasn't TOO far and I didn't have enough money for two hotel nights, so I ate a great sweet potato-red kuri squash gratin (I usually use US English words and this one is UK English but the word for that in US English seems to be "oven dish with melted cheese on top" so like lolno) with Jamón serrano and cider. The life. (Even though Ico was an ass AGAIN, he started meowing right after he got fed (just before we went to bed), like, why? What do you want from us?) I also finally got to taste a tartlet from the awesome bakery in Bussy-Saint-Georges, 10/10 would recommend.

I also am the queen of fail, I forgot to have the Pôle Emploi sheet signed and stamped when I was there, I have to give it back to prove I showed up at the interview because they paid for my train tickets, and they can ask the money back if I don't. So I went to my Pôle Emploi branch to ask them what I could do, they told me if I got an email from the HR confirming that I was at the interview it was all good, so that's nice, but since then I sent an email the the HR office (it's a global address, and the thing is in Berlin) asking them to do that, no answer, and when I had the HR person I saw during the interview on the phone I asked her to do it, she said "oh okay I'll do it right away" and I'm still waiting... I guess I'll call on Monday.

(Yes this icon is unrelated but I like it and it's kind of is relevant to the ton of cuddles we had with Yuè)
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No, not on THAT part, not the porn part, the creepy part.
Many links in this article, some contain creepy images (and text, of course).

So, basically, yesterday night I was watching videos on youtube, and learning about how plants have fibonacci numbers in them (CALL TO EVERYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN MATHS OR JUST IN WATCHING THE WORLD AROUND THEM AND HAVING FUN CHECK OUT VIHART'S CHANNEL SHE IS THE BEST EVER (she also talked about biology and physics and stuff, I love her so much)).

Then of course at some point, video suggestion after video suggestion, I ended up on another subject entirely, I ended up on a top 10 of the "freakiest creepypasta". To be fair I never cared much about creepypastas, because they never freaked me out that much, I could hardly care less about Slender Man unless he's in a screamer (and then I would just jolt and hate the maker of the video), I read/listened to a few of those involving pokemon but like, meh. But in the top 10 was the SCP Foundation (SCP stands for Special Containment Procedures, and also for their motto which is "Secure, Contain, Protect"), which is a fictional organization that references and contains if possible/needed (fictional, of course) supernatural creatures, objects, places and phenomenons, there's a whole wiki with all the things (all named "SCP-number"), there are THOUSANDS of them I'm not joking.

What caught my curiosity was the SCP shown as an example in the video, SCP-173, at first I mainly felt very uneasy because of its appearance.
Well, #mylife parenthesis here: I'm EXTREMELY sensitive to anything that is in the uncanny valley, which means, looking close to human (or animal, badly done taxidermy gives me the creeps big time, flourflower can testify, they were laughing their ass off watching a compilation of the worst stuffed animals and I was just "uuuugh noooo") but deformed somehow, like android faces, masks, montages that look part human part not, faces that aren't really faces, stuff like that. I can't watch "smile.jpg" unprepared without having to look away.

SO, after having watched it for good, SCP-173 really just looks like a discutable contemporary art statue (mainly because the image used in the entry is actually PRECISELY that), and a bit ridiculous at that (what's up with its butt?), but at the time it kind of gave me chills. But what really got me was its abilities. I quote: "SCP-173 is animate and extremely hostile. The object cannot move while within a direct line of sight. Line of sight must not be broken at any time with SCP-173. Personnel assigned to enter container are instructed to alert one another before blinking. Object is reported to attack by snapping the neck at the base of the skull, or by strangulation." Rings a bell? Except there's no time travelling thing? Plus it's nickname is "The Sculpture", and it's apparently made of concrete.
At first I was like "meh, it's a ripoff of Weeping Angels". However I've seen several people say its creation was prior to Blink's broadcast. It's actually hard to verify, since the SCP foundation began on 4chan's paranormal board /x/ in 2007, month unknown, and 173 was their first creation, and Blink aired in June 2007. This tumblr article is pretty good on summing up the issue, and makes an excellent point about the neck-snapping part. (Let's all pretend not to see they wrote "Weeping Angles". God I want to draw that now...)
So on 173 there seems to be a draw, however, there's another one, SCP-055, who basically is a Silent, and was created back in 2008, while The Impossible Astronaut aired in 2011. Do creepy-oriented minds meet or does Moffat lurk on the Internet looking for new ideas? The question is now open.

There are also very cool ones like a zapper gun with which you can shoot people on TV, like, kill a TV Show character. Imagine the possibilities. However only the user seems to see the effect and it doesn't affect the canons or reality. There's also a coffe machine that has a keyboard instead of selection buttons and you can type anything, if it's liquid it will give it to you in a cup (that won't be affected by it, you can have lava in a plastic cup, but you die if you drink it).
What I really like in this website is the imagination behind it, sometimes very twisted and sick, sometimes not at all. Also yeah I may or may not know several numbers by heart now.

AND there's a video game, SCP Containment Breach, in which, basically, you are in the SCP facility where the things are contained, the first scene is you and 2 other guys opening 173's chamber for what seems to be a routine test, except the door won't close, the light flickers, the 2 other guys get killed and the SCP breaks free. It kind of all gets down from there because all the nastiest guys are escaping at once or it wouldn't be funny. I've watched a couple of Let's Plays and this one is very nice and thorough (12 parts, it's quite long), I think they encounter every SCP featured in the game except the one that only appears in the other ending.

The main enemies are:
SCP-173: Mentionned several times earlier, basically a very ugly Weeping Angel that will snap your neck instead of sending you back in time.
SCP-106: It goes through walls, floors, ceilings, it doesn't give a shit, leaving a trail of highly corrosive substance, and if it catches you it takes you to a "pocket dimension" from where you CAN escape, it's unclear how, but you can mainly die. That's in-game, in the wiki they say after being released from the dimension the subject is heavily burned/decomposed by the corrosive stuff. (Moffat if you're looking for new aliens I like this one) Thankfully it's not too fast and not specifically after you so if you get far enough it will leave you alone.
SCP-096: Friendly and docile most of the time, but if you see his face it will scream for a while and then proceed to hunting you down (it's fast, like very fast, and doesn't really care about doors either, it doesn't go through them but seems to go past them somehow, pretty fast) and kill you. The wiki entry is pretty adamant that once you've seen it sucks to be you you're dead. Seeing a photo counts. SPOILER for the let's play I linked: they managed to get themselves stuck with him because they saved after seeing its face, not knowing what it did. They were lucky it wasn't designed for that big of a hunt and ended up glitching like crazy, but they die many many times xD (and in the video you hear his god-awful scream very often, ugh).

I kind of really want to try it now, very preferably with friends, maybe I wouldn't be the one playing but I could guide them since I know the game now, that would be fun. We could even record ourselves (only the game+voices I think) xD

PS: Yes I'll eventually make that post about the movies I watched but this came to me first.
10 October 2014 @ 04:41 pm
I was starting to despair that I'd ever get a job I like (it's been over a year since I finished my studies, and all I have is a few hours of tutoring a week), but I recently had an opportunity to work for BASF in a "hothouse" (pépinière in French) program (so with training inside the team), in their Coatings department near Paris. I had a phone interview and I really hope I at least get a second interview and if I could get the job omg that would be the dream.

As for other news I've spent last weekend at flourflower's, we went to see Alexandre Astier's Exoconference and it was great, if you have the opportunity to see it, don't hesitate. We also ate at Shabu Sha (a Japanese fondue) in Paris and it was sooooo gooooooood! And I ate the best blackberry sherbet ever at Berthillon's xD

I've planned to make a post later today where I'll talk about movies I've watched recently (Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell (the first one, from 1995), Angel-A, Total Recall) and I'll probably say a few words about Brave New World that I finished reading something like last week.
-> Watch videos by the Fossoyeur de Films or Durendal.
-> Note the names they mention as must-see movies that made cinema history (ex: Citizen Kane, Total Recall, Yojimbo, Planet of the Apes, Trainspotting, The Fountain, Dune, Lost in La Mancha, La Cité des Enfants Perdus...)
-> Download those, with subtitles, sort them well and everything.
-> Rewatch the HP movies instead.

Somehow I feel there's a flaw somewhere.
Also the 6th movie still sucks.