So I sprained my knee doing nothing (like a boss) and can't go to work today, so I have unexpected free time without being able to do/move too much, so I thought "hey LJ exists".

Last week I made Polish donuts to bring at work, and I'm going to put the recipe here both for people who might want to try it and for me for future reference.


Ingredients for 40~45 pączki:
-1kg of flour
-1 pack (42g) of fresh yeast
-a pinch of salt
-5 eggs
-5 tablespoons of sugar
-125g of molten butter
-some milk (welcome to Polish recipes, "some" is a legitimate amount here)
-1 orange
-4 teaspoons of vodka (better if Polish =p)
-icing sugar or super-fine sugar
-a round cookie/pastry cutter or a glass, around 6cm diameter
-Plum or rose jam

Put the flour, salt and sugar in a big bowl (like a salad bowl). Put some warm milk in a small bowl and crumble the yeast in it with a pinch of sugar, let it rise for a while in a warm place.
In the big bowl with the flour/sugar/salt, add the eggs one by one while mixing (it works best by hand) and the juice and zest of an orange, the motlen butter, the vodka and the milk+yeast mix once risen.
Knead it until the dough is homogeneous and comes off the bowl easily. Leave it to rise for 1h30 to 2h in a warm place with a cloth over it, it should more than double in volume.

Once risen and elastic, (gently) flatten the dough with a rolling pin on a flat table covered with flour, to about 2cm thick, and cut round shapes with the pastry cutter or glass, you may shape them a bit like balls, but it's not necessary as it will rise. Place them on your table and leave them to rise for 45mn-1h30, make sure to leave some space between them so that they don't join when rising.

Fill a fryer or a big pan with frying oil and heat to about 170°C (I personally don't have a thermometer so I took the last donut I made that had an ugly shape and I tried it and basically judged by the color), fry your donuts for a few minutes on each face (they float so you'll have to turn them around), they should be medium brown and you can use a knife or a pick to check it's cooked inside. When still hot, cover them with extra-fine sugar, or if you use icing sugar wait until they're cold and dust it on them.

For the stuffed ones:
With a pick, carve a hole in a donut, then, put jam in a pastry bag, fill it with jam. I do recommend using jelly or filtering the jam for this technique however, since jam has big bits that clog the tip. I stuffed 20 pączki in 2 hours because of that u_u
A technique that I havent tried is filling them before frying, as seen on several videos it seems pretty standard for Polish bakers, but I was afraid it would leak and ruin the oil.

They get dry pretty fast but you can limit that by keeping them in a hermetic box, and I haven't tested it yet but according to my mother they stay good if frozen and re-heated.
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A quick update

So this week I'm on holidays, and it's been pretty enjoyable so far, especially last weekend because luorescence and antliae_1 came over =) (and Alice was there too, she lives in the same city as me) It had been a while since I saw them, and it was great catching up, I miss them already.

I've also drawn a bit recently, and this post is mostly for that actually.

So first here are a fanart of Sun from Sense8, a tv show that has only one season for now and that I quite enjoyed, especially the concept and I grew attached to the characters (or most of them) pretty fast. I wanted to do only black, white and one color, and I'm not totally satisfied with how it turned out, but well.
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Then Walter White from Breaking Bad. I started because flourflower told be it was great, and it is. I stopped at the beginning of season 4 though for some reason, I need to start again. I don't often draw men, I'll admit, and even less old men, so I struggled a bit, especially with his eyes, because if they're too big it makes him younger. I quite like how it looks but some things are still a bit off I think.
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Now some Dragon Ball fanarts, these are Bills (or Beerus, I just don't know anymore) and Whis, the new characters that appeared in the movie Battle of Gods and in the new DB Super series (which I like less, especially because of the horrendous pacing, but I can't deny they are consistent with the DBZ anime on that hm xD), and also in Fukkatsu no F even if they're a bit more in the background. I adore these two characters, they are funny and cute and actually live up to their hype as strongest beings currently known. Yeah they don't necessarily look like it, that's one of the things I like about them too. I sort of screwed up the shading on Bills's body while I managed to get it pretty smooth on his face and ears, I'm a bit disappointed. Also he looks more like a dog than a cat for some reason? Meh. I struggled much less on Whis, humanoids are definitely easier, and he's a total cutie xD
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So yeah that's pretty much it I guess, I'll see if I end up doing fanarts of Orange Is The New Black, I really like this show ♥
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Good-bye Glee

I discovered Glee thanks to Alice and I kinda binge-watched seasons 1 to 3 (season 3 being my favorite, I think), and then I have honestly fallen out of love with the show during season 4 and it got worse during season 5 (which, yeah, wasn't completely their fault, with the lead male actor dying, but seriously, so many fillers, so many coherence fuck-ups, so many unoriginal, badly handled storylines...) but this season had really good episodes, and overall I felt it got much better once they decided not to give a shit and to go full-on self-parody sometimes, and with all those "4th wall? what is that?" moments. I also really liked this season's newbies, more than most of those from season 4 (I did like Kitty and Unique, but that's pretty much all), especially the twins Mason and Madison (I'm still rolling my eyes at those stupidly similar names but whatever), I just wish they had given Jane more screentime and an actual background idk I felt like she was very underused except for that one episode where Mason had feelings for her and it made Madison mad/jealous... Yeah idk she had potential and a great voice but I couldn't help the feeling that they just put her there for the racial quota without having much planned for her and that's a shame. However this season had something I'd been waiting for for years: more of Jane Lynch singing. On that part season 6 DID make me super happy, I'm in love with every song she did, especially Bitch, and The Winner Takes it All definitely was one of my favorite performances in the finale.

As for the show in general, I have mixed feelings about it, I loved it, I hated it, I meh'd it, but all in all I guess I still have a soft spot for it and it introduced me to musicals and I'm really thankful for that. It doesn't keep me from noticing its problems (far from that) but yeah, it doesn't mean it's worth nothing.

To go more in depth about the last two episodes I'll put a spoiler LJ-cut.
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This post contains spoilers for Shameless but I need it out and I don't think anyone cares on here

When I first learnt that there wouldn't be an episode next week I was sad but now I understand because I'm gonna need AT LEAST a week to get over that episode my eyes are still wet and I just cannot deal with all these feelings and I just admire Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan so much for their acting like oh god that last scene those hugs that love I'M FUCKING CRYING AGAIN.
But I know Ian's gonna get better once he accepts he needs help, I do feel that the psychotic break was kind of a lot from the writers but it does happen in bipolar type I (which means that all fanfic writers I read during the hiatus had it wrong lel, but at least maybe he'll have less depressive phases). It's gonna be pretty tough for him but I'm happy they showed that everyone was here for him and apparently they visit him in the next ep so they keep it up which is nice.
I kind of wonder what would have happened if he hadn't got arrested though since nobody wanted to call the cops not to get him in trouble, but like bad stuff could have happened.

Also today during work I had an idea for a short fic about what was happening in this episode and the previous but I'm gonna need to recover before. It was mostly funny (and also a crossover with Glee because Harry Hamlin seems to have only one role) so that'll help I think...

Edit: I'm still so not fucking okay goddammit I need to chill but tears keep coming back I want to hug them ughhh

Trying to make posting a thing again

But I both have too many and too few things to say... Gosh it's already been over a month and a half since I made a real post.

As for updates I have started my job and it's pretty neat, people are nice and the job itself is interesting. I just need to get used to standing up so much during the day, I'm in the lab a lot, and I'm more used to sitting at a desk or during classes.

Other than that, in late January my grandmother died, she'd been sick for over four years and she recovered from stuff doctors were nearly sure she wouldn't, but she wasn't immortal after all. Not everyone here is familiar with my relationship with my grandmother (or lack thereof) but basically, as my father put it, she was mostly my dad's mother, not really my grandmother, so as expected I was mostly sad that my dad, uncles, aunts and some of my cousins were sad, and not actually grieving myself. I might sound like a big asshole but well yeah. Anyway, I was able to come back for the funeral which was a chance to see everyone and I think the atmosphere was lighter than appropriate sometimes (especially when, during the funeral, my cousin started the music they chose the day before, only to realize that it was the wrong CD in the box and that it was Christmas Carols, we all laughed out loud and the priest looked scandalized) but it was cool and we had great laughs, and there were also sad/serious moments. Also we think she summonned Poland or something, first the priest was Polish and had the thickest accent ever (he even said a prayer in Polish at the funeral home), most of us didn't catch half of what he said, and then, when we got out of the church there was like 10cm of snow and it was still snowing heavily. It was very appropriate. Well technically it was my grandfather (who died before I was born) who was Polish, she was from Yugoslavia (speaking of countries that actually still exist today she'd have been Slovenian) but she knew Polish and culturally she was pretty much Polish too in the end. Oh and one of my aunts asked me if I'd like to read some lines from a gospel during the funeral, I ended up answering something along the lines of "I'm an atheist, I'm pretty sure it doesn't count if I do it".

~~Intermission: My upstairs neighbours are shagging AGAIN I swear I hear them every night like wow calm the fuck down or at least don't scream so loud girl we don't need to know.~~

So besides that I also went out a lot, both with colleagues and other friends (Luo and Aku for example, as well as some I knew from school), and it seems there won't be a weekend in february when I'll be home: on the first weekend I went to give back the keys of my old apartment near Nantes and check it was in a good state and all before I officially leave, I was gone a whole day for a 1h appointment, thankfully I got to eat with Alice... This weekend I was in Lille fucking up a couple of friends' Valentine's Day seeing friends from school because one of them who's making a Ph.D in Germany was back for the weekend for a conference, we ate raclette and talked about subatomic particles, it was nice. Next weekend I may go to Shei's place with Luo, it's still not sure but well, and the next weekend I go back to my parents' place for my mom's birthday, and if it goes my way it'll be a surprise for her (with my father's help).

Right now I'm in a weird/shitty state mostly because I have a uterus... Like, I've been PMSing much more than ever before with ridiculous mood swings that made me go from being super-excited over nothing to feeling super super low with a hint of despair and like stfu brain. And now that it's started I'm still like that with some bonus, I'll spare the gore details but it's as funny as ever and it hurts, bleh.

On other news Shameless is still messing me up emotionally but that's not new, and I'm both happy to see that Cameron Monaghan guest stars in Gotham tomorrow in a storyline about the Joker (he may or may not be a young Joker, that would be so badass) and a bit afraid that if he is to become a regular in Gotham he'll be less in Shameless and like don't you dare especially seeing where Ian is now and how interesting this whole story arc is and how fucking great you are at portraying him ugh.

I've watched some movies, too, I'll do that quick: The Babadook is a very good horror/psychological movie that helped me get over that BIG PILE OF POOP that is the Woman in Black 2, Nightcrawler ROCKS and goddammit Jake Gyllenhaal, you are a freaking great actor, I saw the Imitation Game with colleagues at the cinema, it was pretty awesome (nothing groundbreaking as far as directing goes but great acting and well this story is just bound to work on me), Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog is gold, not that I ever doubted it, Compliance is SCARY LIKE HOW IS IT A TRUE STORY ARE YOU FOR REAL PEOPLE HOW WHY WHYYY, Dogtooth is as disturbing as you'd expect from a Greek art film that won the prize Un Autre Regard in Cannes, but I still dig the concept, Perfect Blue is very very good (no shit) and it leaves you feeling pretty weird, Ernest et Celestine is a cute as fuck French animated movie with great voice actors and a watercolor style, with an actually very good story and a nice message, and finally I saw the Hours. This movie really got me. A lot. The themes are dark and not easy but handled well and very cleverly, and there are queer characters which is cool. A quote from Virginia (Woolf, this movie is centered around the writer's life and her book Mrs. Dalloway, with three different time periods that are connected) really stuck with me, "it is possible to die". This sound stupid and obvious but that's something that I have a lot of feelings for, as it is something I think about from time to time. Like, I'm not suicidal and I suppose I have survival reflexes and stuff, but in theory I wouldn't mind dying (without pain pls) and it's something I feel overall serene about, it's possible to die and it's, as Virginia said, pretty consoling. I don't want to see people I like/love die because I'm selfish because they are good people who are going to do nice things with their lives, but in my case, meh.

Anyway, I still have so many movies to see and i'm probably gonna start a wishlist for DVDs I want to have at some point both to keep track of it and so that people who want to buy me stuff know what (mostly my parents but not only) because I want to actually own those movies I loved one day.

I'm just livid

I'm gonna copy/paste a friend's status because he's 12 000 times more eloquent than me and I can't quite find the words.

Que vous adoriez ou détestiez Charlie hebdo, qu'une caricature vous ait déjà dégoûté ou fait pleurer de rire, là n'est pas la question. Ce ne sont pas des politiques, des activistes, des militaires qui sont morts. Ce sont des dessinateurs, des journalistes qui se sont fait massacrer. Ne pleurez pas sur un journal que vous ne connaissiez peut-être que de nom, pleurez sur la liberté de la presse, sur la liberté d'expression, sur la liberté, toutes massacrées aujourd'hui. J'en tremble.

Whether you loved or hated Charlie Hebdo, have ever felt disgusted or laughed to tears because of one of their caricatures, it's not the question. Those who died weren't politics, activists or soldiers. They were artists, journalists who were slaughtered. Don't cry over a newspaper you may have known only by name, cry over press freedom, over freedom of speach, over freedom, all slaughtered today. I'm shaking.


Binding of Isaac news~

I FINALLY BEAT THE FULL GAME (well, "full game", until I beat it enough times to unlock new chapters). At my 195th try after 35h total xD

I did it in a challenge mode, where you're given a starting object and have no treasure rooms, so I was throwing bombs the whole time and it's both powerful and very easy to kill yourself with. So I realize I never beat the game in a normal setting, the time I beat the first big boss I was using an alternate character xD

But still, YAY! And I unlocked a thing that throws missiles, fuck yeah xD

Talking meme~

What is your favourite comfort thing to relax after a tough day?

Definitely my bed or couch, snuggled under the cover/duvet, with my "hug pillow" (I have 2 pillows in my bed, one to put my head on, and a smaller one, very soft (too soft for it to be comfortable to sleep on I think) that I wrap my arm around, since I sleep on my side)
I also like me a good bath with some nice music when I have access to a bathtub...

edit: DAMN, I read comfort PLACE xD, well answer is pretty much the same, snuggling, preferably while watching a good movie or show, or maybe playing some game or eating something good... Or seeing a friend but like, without having to actually DO something, like, just chilling together or doing one of the things mentionned above together (except the bath I guess, can get weird pretty fast xD).

As for news, nothing much to say since yesterday, I slept better, probably because today there's nothing I can do, except measuring my furniture (mostly table and couch) which will be useful for apartments visits.
I'm slowly wraping my head around both the fact that I was hired and that IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE NEXT WEDNESDAY, WHERE DID TIME GO? I'm going back to my parents' on Tuesday so I should start packing my luggage =x
Can't wait to see how my father reacts to his present, I bought it last June on Showtime's shop (it was a Father's Day special, but since I didn't give my mom anything on Mother's Day, I saved it for Christmas) because I found it too funny not to buy, since he is a fan of the show (Shameless US) too (I'll throw some chocolates in there too because let's face it he won't wear it very often xD).