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21 March 2015 @ 02:02 pm
Good-bye Glee  
I discovered Glee thanks to Alice and I kinda binge-watched seasons 1 to 3 (season 3 being my favorite, I think), and then I have honestly fallen out of love with the show during season 4 and it got worse during season 5 (which, yeah, wasn't completely their fault, with the lead male actor dying, but seriously, so many fillers, so many coherence fuck-ups, so many unoriginal, badly handled storylines...) but this season had really good episodes, and overall I felt it got much better once they decided not to give a shit and to go full-on self-parody sometimes, and with all those "4th wall? what is that?" moments. I also really liked this season's newbies, more than most of those from season 4 (I did like Kitty and Unique, but that's pretty much all), especially the twins Mason and Madison (I'm still rolling my eyes at those stupidly similar names but whatever), I just wish they had given Jane more screentime and an actual background idk I felt like she was very underused except for that one episode where Mason had feelings for her and it made Madison mad/jealous... Yeah idk she had potential and a great voice but I couldn't help the feeling that they just put her there for the racial quota without having much planned for her and that's a shame. However this season had something I'd been waiting for for years: more of Jane Lynch singing. On that part season 6 DID make me super happy, I'm in love with every song she did, especially Bitch, and The Winner Takes it All definitely was one of my favorite performances in the finale.

As for the show in general, I have mixed feelings about it, I loved it, I hated it, I meh'd it, but all in all I guess I still have a soft spot for it and it introduced me to musicals and I'm really thankful for that. It doesn't keep me from noticing its problems (far from that) but yeah, it doesn't mean it's worth nothing.

To go more in depth about the last two episodes I'll put a spoiler LJ-cut.
2009 was a very weird throwback, and I kind of felt sorry for Chris for having to wear those outfits again, but it was pretty believable and sweet. The Mercedes storyline was good and sad, and I'm not sure if it's a way to acknowledge that they hardly ever gave her a solo or what (because yeah writers, foreshadowing doesn't work when it's in a flashback at the end of the show...) it's a little late though... And yeah, I was very emotional during the last performance, I didn't think Don't Stop Believeing STILL could have an effect on me... (I smiled though because since they re-used the performance from season 1, Kurt loses like 20cm inbetween the scenes because Chris grew up so much xD).
Dreams come true was... I mean it was sweet, but it was kind of fanfic-where-everything-is-perfect-and-nothing-hurts-like, everyone has a happy (as in, super-happy) ending, and yeah, I know that's the spirit of the show, but it still felt a bit too much. I also wish they'd shown more characters' future, like, Brittana were barely there, same for Quinn... They definitely could have taken some time from that unbelievably chliché and corny future-Klaine part (seriously the only thing I liked about this part was that Blaine gave up on hair gel) to show more. I felt like Rachel being Klaine's surrogate made sense, but while at the peak of her Broadway career? That seems complicated, and kind of OOC, but well, why not. Many people seemed to dislike This Time, and I'm gonna make a wild guess and suppose Darren Criss having written it is a big part of the reason, people just love to hate on him, but I found it pretty sweet, if a bit silly (and I'll admit I kind of want the dress Rachel wears during the number, like wow). I felt it was kind of out of the blue that St.Berry ended up being endgame, but why not, it was a great couple, they just should have brought it in a smoother way, and it was probably unnecessary to throw so much Samchel around too.
So yeah I think I prefer 2009 but the show wouldn't have felt complete if it had ended it, I think they missed the mark on some points with the last episode, but it's not really bad either, and I feel okay with the show.
Oh and OH MY GOD THEY SANG POPULAR IN 2009 I WAS SO HAPPY AND EXCITED (the link is the original version because obviously the Glee performances aren't on YT yet)
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Azzie's corner of madnessflowsoffire on March 28th, 2015 08:40 pm (UTC)
Eh, sucks when shows are a letdown, but at least it didn't end too badly!

*hugs you* I hope you've been well :)